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Why Rand Tower Hotel is a Must-Visit for Aviation Enthusiasts

When you arrive for your stay at Rand Tower Hotel, you might notice that woven into the rich art deco designs, furnishings and art throughout the property, there are occasional homages to aviation. This theme is present specifically to honor Rufus Rand, an aviation enthusiast and founding father of the Rand Tower. 

Tired from your flight or not, the history and continued tradition of this man and his love for airplanes add to the unique story of our Minneapolis hotel. 

Rufus Rand’s History of Flight

A pilot in World War I, Rand Jr. came home to Minnesota a celebrated pilot who flew with the Lafayette Flying Corps, which consisted of a team of volunteer American pilots working with the French Air Force. After his stint garnering a reputation for being a daring pilot, Rand returned home, and set a course for a life as an accomplished inventor and engineer. 

The construction of the Rand Tower is described as Rufus’ investment “in his beloved home state’s post-war efforts.” It was one of the first skyscrapers in Minneapolis, helping set the stage for the skyline that helps define our city today. The building also earned a place on the National Register of Historic Places in 1994. In the years since, and a renovation later, it lives on as a striking, and inspiring reminder of a nation that endured, and a culture’s history of refined architecture. 

The Hotel’s High Flying Aesthetics

The Gettys Group designed the original Rand Tower Hotel, and its concept was to represent the war-hero-becomes-local-success that Rufus Rand Jr. seemed to embody. 

From the Wings by Oskar J. Hansen sculpture in the lobby to airplane-themed artwork throughout the building—the visual environment of the hotel offers some artful reminders of Rufus Rand, which can also be appreciated by aviation enthusiasts. The property’s original charm lives on with its Art Deco facade, the elegant circular staircase at the entryway, the maintained terrazzo floors, the original elevator banks, and lighting fixtures, all of which were beautifully restored. 

Book a Stay to Discover More

Having undergone a multi-million dollar renovation not too long ago, the Rand Tower Hotel’s many nods to Rufus Rand vary from both old and new. To discover them all, and to learn more about this decorated pilot who became the namesake of this very property, book a stay at the Rand Tower Hotel today, and come see for yourself. 

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